Here is a list of our current equipment, all the items were bought from new and are regularly maintained and annually PAT tested.

Front Of House/Main PARCF EVOX J8

The RCF J8 offers stunning sound performance with crystal-clear vocal reproduction and unparalleled musical response. We have other speakers suitable for front-of-house use but choose these as they don’t need a separate stand and the design means they have a smaller footprint than speakers mounted on traditional tripod design stands and are therefore more sturdy if being set up on sloped or uneven surfaces as is common with outdoor functions.

Mixer – Allen & Heath QUSB

Qu-SB is an ultra-compact digital mixer that can be controlled via WIFI allowing the sound engineer to mix from anywhere in the venue and provides a smart, portable solution for performing bands and artists. The Mixer has 12 outputs which allows up to 10 monitor mixes (4 Mono + 3 Stereo), more than enough for even the largest band line-ups. The mixer can also be used to simultaneously record performances to an external hard drive with no laptop or additional equipment needed.

Monitor Speakers – QSC K8

QSC K8.2 active loudspeaker is designed to give you power and clarity. This premium loudspeaker delivers accurately any signal going through it- from the detailed nuances of vocals or the crispness of cymbals to the full body of a guitar or a bass sound. The QSC K8.2 active loudspeaker is truly a go-to for professional musicians and engineers alike! There are much cheaper speakers on the market, and many people use these QSC as main front-of-house speakers due to their sound quality but we choose to use these as monitors as we feels its really important the performers can hear themselves in the best possible audio fidelity.

MicrophonesWide Selection Including Shure, Sennheiser, and Superlux

Sennheiser E835, Sennheiser E935, Sennheiser E602ii, 2 x Shure SM58 Beta, Shure SM57, Superlux HI10, Superlux PRA628, 2 x ISK CM50

In-Ear-Monitoring (Wireless) – 3 x LD Systems MEI 1000GT

3 Wireless transmitters and 7 wireless receiver packs, enough for everyone in a small-medium sized band. Stage monitoring and wired monitors also available so even large bands can all be on IEM.

In-Ear-Monitoring (Wired) – Behringer P1 Active monitor pack and Fisher Amps Passive Monitor pack

In addition to the audio equipment listed here, we also have a selection of disco and stage lighting, including moving heads, disco balls and LED par cans. We can arrange short-term rentals, from a third party, of any other equipment needed for the event should we not already have it ourselves.